shiv nadar school

Shiv Nadar School, a pan Indian chain of quality schools provides children with a platform to excel and become leaders in the fast changing environment of modern times. The school with its philosophy of 'Education for Life' is constantly pushing its boundaries and is forging ahead in its pursuit of establishing newer benchmarks in academics, extra-curricular development and pedagogy. 

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brand idea

Teaching in the 21st century is a challenging ask. The task was chalked out as we focused on creating an approach that busted the myths related to teaching. The idea was simple - Follow your Heart. To make teaching relevant for people in other streams so that they could seriously consider pursuing a career switch. Shiv Nadar School had a current talent pool of teachers from other disciplines and they became the torchbearers of this interesting idea. Propagating the novel thought that teaching today is a rewarding and a stimulating career option in terms of emoluments as well it gives a chance to connect their vast knowledge garnered through their professional tenure into the minds of this new generation, that's always brimming with new ideas. The campaign drew a stupendous response it was released across multiple communication platforms including print and digital, creating quite a buzz in the teaching fraternity as well as the corporate landscape.