about us

We are Quirkee. Creative professionals & consultants dedicatedly working to change human behaviour with well-crafted ideas. Our depth of experience along with a rigorous creative process, consistently generates quality ideas, enabling our clients to earn believers.


We are not afraid to challenge the status quo. For we know that a tough question can spark an idea, eventually leading to greater innovation and greater good.


Through an open and honest relationship, we create alignment, build trust and deliver beyond expectations.


As dedicated partners, we work closely with our clients, building a special connection that pushes the brand's potential..


We keep our finger on the pulse of emerging trends and opportunities enabling us to be proactive in the ever changing global marketplace.

We value the legacy of brands, including the work and principles of the people who run them. In a way, making us mindful of our client's time, priorities and the desire to bring about an impactful change in their businesses.